6 Jul 2013

Porous Studio at Stanford with lots of presentations

The Porous Studio took place at PSi #19 at Stanford and included several interesting presentations, starting with a film by Anne Robinson and a discussion about it. We also heard (and participated in) presentations by Ray Langenbach, Angel Viator Smith, Jenni Kokkom√§ki, Annette Arlander and Johanna Householder (the following day). Two "local" artists-researchers, Beth Grossman and Pamela Davis Kivelson from Stanford presented their work as well. The atmosphere was relaxed and supportive, as always, and the contributions from the US participants were much appreciated. You can watch a video of a brief documentation of one of the participatory presentations on vimeo https://vimeo.com/69953101

And here is the brief report our new chair Johanna Householder gave at the General Assembly of PSi at the end of the conference:

This year at Stanford, and for the previous two conferences the Artist Committee conducted the Porous Studio as a site, a location and a format that recognizes and enables the processes of practice as a place and time for the production of research, theoretical inquiry and making parallel to the panel format. Porousness also indicates the possibility of connecting with artists local to the conference, and their contributions along with the ongoing inquiries of Committee members has made this a rich and productive process.
The Artists Committee / Porous Studio is grateful to the organizers of the Utrecht, Leeds and the Stanford conferences, and the board and members of PSi for supporting this mode of inquiry. We hope to continue The Studio in Shanghai next year.
One other thing to report is that in anticipation of the shift in board structure - the Artists Committee has decided to reconstitute itself as a Working Group, which we have titled: The Artistic Research Working Group.
Finally, I would like to sincerely thank Ray Langenbach for his fearless leadership of the Committee for the past few years and for his own investment in Porous Studio.

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