8 Jul 2018

"Performance and Response" at PSi#24 Daegu: Performance as Network

The Artistic Research Working Group met at PSi#24 in Daegu, Korea, with some of the members engaged in the process of performance and response present at the site - Julie-Ann Long, Olga Spyropoulou, Bruce Barton and Annette Arlander, while Cherie Samson, Ned McGowan, Göze Saner and Per Roar participated via Skype and Johanna Householder via email. Due to last minute cancellations there were some "broken links" in the chain of responses. The program was nevertheless packed and the conversations exciting. Old and new members of the working group joined some of the sessions: Ray Langenbach, Pilvi Porkola, Carolyn Deby, Kanta Kochar-Lindgren. The new mode of working tried out this year seemed promising and worth developing. The next task will be to consider how to deal with the aftermath: how some of these experiences could be archived and what questions they evoked.

The revised schedule
July 3rd
13:15 – 16:15 
1.    Annette Arlander and Bruce Barton: brief presentation of the working group and this year’s working process
2.    Annette Arlander (response to Ned McGowan): “Durations”
3.    Göze Saner (response to Attila Antal): “Looking at Her, Looking at Other, Looking at Another” Distance presentation with live exercise.
4.    Ned McGowan (response to Julie-Ann Long): Distance presentation.
5.    Cherie Samson (response to Annette Arlander): observe, perform, labor (repeat)” Distance presentation.

July 4th
13:15 – 16:15

1.    Bruce Barton (response to Johanna Householder): “A line of flight.”
2.    Cherie Samson’s work Eudaimonia (which had no response to be shared) 
3.     Per Roar (response to Orestes Pérez Estanquero): ”Crowds & Power” Distance presentation
4.     Julie-Ann Long (response top Göze Saner) “Inside Looking Out” 
5.     Olga Spyropoulou (response to Per Roar) Doctoris angelici”

July 5th
13:15 – 14:15

1.    Johanna Householder (response to Thomas Riccio): Performed live by Annette Arlander and Bruce Barton, Julie-Ann Long and Carolyn Deby, with Kanta Kochar-Lindgren
2.    Working Group Planning Session: a review of this year’s model and thinking about the aftermath and the future.

The Aftermath
Fragments of the process and the questions it evoked will be archived here:

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