21 Jul 2021

Perform – Respond – Extend 2021

A summary of the contributions (presentations, responses and extensions, with links) included in the Artistic Research Working Group online-meetings as part of Psi Constellate 6-9 July 2021


Annette Arlander: Adding text on video when writing to trees? --- Boehme responds to Arlander --- Kolliopoulou extends Boehme’s response to Arlander


Glenn D’Cruz: Maxims --- Sehic responds to D'Cruz --- Eatough extends Sehic's response to D'Cruz


Bruce Barton: Dramaturgies of Uncertainty: Collaborative Creation with Zoom --- D'Cruz responds to Barton --- Inston extends D’Cruz’s response to Barton


Andrew Clete: “Lockdown” --- Devabahktuni and Sentler respond to Clete --- Householder/Price extend Devabahktuni/Sentler’s response to Clete


Sony Devabhaktuni / Susan Sentler: Collaborative workings --- Griniuk responds to Devabahktuni/Sentler --- Lefebvre extends Griniuk’s response to Devabahktuni/Sentler


Pablo Alvez Artinprocess: Modelling a methodology for a dialogic articulation between Experimental Performance Art and Philosophy --- Clete responds to alvez artinprocess --- Griniuk extends Clete’s response to Alvez


Graham Eatough and Andre Dekker: Floating Worlds: towards an archipelagic dramaturgy --- Barton responds to Eatough --- Sehic extends Barton’s response to Eatough


Marija Griniuk: Eco-violence and performance art in Lithuania. --- Householder and Price respond to Griniuk --- Alvez extends Householder/Price’s response to Griniuk


John Boehme: Allyship, Intersections & how to acknowledge privilege. --- Daniel responds to Boehme --- Man extends Daniel’s response to Boehme


Danae Theodoridou: Languages of the Unheard, The Practice of Democracy --- Arlander responds to Theodoridou --- Daniel extends Arlander’s response to Theodoridou


Johanna Householder /Judith Price: Careful, Reckless, Selflessness --- Lefebvre responds to Householder/Price --- Clete extends Lefebvre’s response to Householder/Price


Camille Inston: Betweenspace/s: Towards a Transmedial Practice of Digital Intimacy --- Eatough responds to Intson--- D'Cruz extends Eatough's response to Intson


Eleni Kolliopoulou: Choreographing encounters --- Man responds to Kolliopoulou --- Saner extends Man’s response to Kolliopoulou 


Hélène Lefebvre: Horizons --- Alvez responds to Lefebvre --- Devabahktuni/Sentler extend alvez’ response to Lefebvre


Caitlin Main: Contextualizing the Body: Dramaturgies of Safety in Trauma-Based Performance --- Saner responds to Main --- Arlander extends Saner’s response to Main


Michelle Man: Mercurial Lights in the Ring: practising choreo-luminosity in contemporary circus ---Main responds to Man ---Theodoridou extends Main's response to Man 


Goze Saner: Sharing is caring: solo performer pedagogy as artistic research --- Theodoridou responds to Saner --- Boehme extends Theodoridou’s response to Saner


Ivana Sehic: Embodying loss: art and mourning under the new biopolitical context --- Intson responds to Sehic --- Barton extends Intson's response to Sehic


Henry Daniel: Nomadic Movements --- Kolliopoulou responds to Daniel --- Main extends Kolliopoulou’s response to Daniel

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