2 Apr 2023


Artistic Research Working Group of Performance Studies international (PSi)

PSi 28: Uhambo Luyazilawula (Embodied Wandering Practices)

Online Exchange: 30 June / 30 July / 30 August
In-Person: 2-5 August

The Artistic Research Working Group (ARWG) of Performance Studies international (PSi) invites proposals to its 2023 gatherings. Following the ARWG’s established “PERFORM/RESPOND/EXTEND” framework, three interconnected online gatherings will be held, one month apart, between 30 June and 30 August, 2023

The ARWG in-person gathering will be held onsite in conjunction with PSi 28 in Johannesburg, South Africa, 2 - 5 August 2023.


The PSi 28 theme — Uhambo Luyazilawula (Embodied Wandering Practices) — is particularly well-suited to the ARWG’s preoccupations. The conference Call for Proposals (https://www.psi-web.org/2022/11/28/call-for-proposals-psi28-johannesburg-2023/) explicitly emphasizes “performative ‘wanderings’: creative journeys and intersections between past, present, and future, digital and in-person” and “alternative epistemologies: explorations of undiscovered performances, pedagogies and practices.” In this, it clearly shares the ARWG’s priorities of "mobility, wandering, and fluidity” in terms of subject matter and process design.


Online Gatherings:


April 15 / deadline for proposals

April 30 / acceptances announced and ‘perform/respond/extend’ partnerships established 

June 30 / online gathering #1: participants make initial presentations/performances

July 30 / online gathering #2: participants offer a performative response to designated presentations/performances

August 30 / online gathering #3: participants offer a performative ‘extension' of designated presentations and responses

Onsite Gathering:

As noted, above, the ARWG in-person gathering will emphasize artistic research exchange with South African artists and artist-researchers new to the ARWG. It will be held onsite in conjunction with PSi 28 in Johannesburg, South Africa, 2 - 5 August 2023.



  • a detailed description of the ‘perform/respond/extend’ framework will be provided to all accepted participants
  • participants are strongly encouraged to contribute to all three online stages of the perform/respond/extend framework
  • all presentations and responses are limited to a maximum of 10 minutes in length
  • participation at the onsite gathering in Johannesburg during PSi 28 is welcomed but not a requirementmore information about the in-person gathering will be shared as details are confirmed


Please send proposals for the online sessions no later than 15 April 2023 to arwgpsi@gmail.com. All proposals should adhere to the following guidelines: 

  • 250 - 300 word description of artistic research project, question or area of focus, including relationship to conference theme
  • include name, affiliation (if any), and preferred email address
  • Indication of commitment to all three online events (June 30, July 30 & August 30)
  • Indication of interest in attending the ARWG session in Johannesburg


Questions can also be sent to arwgpsi@gmail.com


Annette Arlander / Bruce Barton / Johanna Householder
Convenors, Artistic Research Working Group
Performance Studies international (PSi)

11 Jul 2022


ARWG online meeting 5-6 July 2022 at PSI #27

summary of presentations and collaborative responses

DAY 1 (5 July): Individual Projects

Natalie Garret Brown (with Amy Voris) - Gelbezeit


Bruce Barton - Dramaturgies of Uncertainty: Collaborative creation with zoom 

John Boehme - MANIFESTO How to be a better ally

Beau Coleman - Birth of the Decay: A Performance for Dogs

Marija Griniuk - ”I understand the term hunger…”

Pablo alvez artinprocess - Where hunger bites – or the value of hunger 

Serap Erincin - Atrocity Boulevard

Annette Arlander - Pondering with Pines  

DAY 2 (6 July): Collaborative Responses

Kit & Annette respond to Natalie (with Amy) - ‘Plants meeting people’ – a dual perspective 
Kit & Annette respond to Michelle - ‘Glitchgesture’ – acrobatics in context

Serap & Maurice respond to John - Response to John 

Serap & Maurice respond to Hélène - Response to Hélène

Pablo responds to Beau - Response to Beau 

Pablo responds to Marija - Response to Marija

Beau & Marija respond to Serap - Silhouette Memories 

Beau & Marija respond to Maurice - Rethinking Stones

Jo & Bruce respond to Kit - Response to Kit 

Jo & Bruce respond to Annette - Collaborative response to Pondering with Pines

Michelle & Natalie respond to Pablo - Response to Pablo 

26 Feb 2022



Performance Studies international (PSi) Artistic Research Working Group 2022

The Performance Studies international (PSi) Artistic Research Working Group welcomes proposals for its online gathering at PSi #27: Hunger. The annual conference takes place 6-9 July 2022, and the Artistic Research Working Group (ARWG) will convene over two days, 6-7 July 2022.

The primary focus of PSi #27 is corporeal hunger—the literal deprivation of food and nourishment. However, the conference theme also recognizes a range of emotional and psychological manifestations of hunger, and the ARWG is particularly aware of the desire for physical contact and embodied sharing experienced over two years of a global pandemic. In response, we have been exploring the potential for meaningful interconnection in virtual exchange. In 2022, our experimentation with possible forms and rhythms of online collaboration will take the following form.

We invite proposals related to a current, recent or envisioned artistic research project, to be submitted by 1 April 2022. Selected participants will be invited to submit a more detailed project description accompanied by links to online support materials (video, audio, photos, text, etc.), and to make a brief presentation on this work during the first day of our gathering.

 Each participant will also be paired with one other working group member to create a collaborative response to one of the projects presented on day one. These ‘response conversations,’ which will occur on day two of our meeting, can take many forms. They may be either fully prepared and rehearsed or informal and impromptu, depending on the collaborators’ interest and capacity. In this manner, we hope to both showcase our community’s activities and foster generous, spontaneous and animated exchange in a format that can be modified to fit all participants’ circumstances.

250 – 300 word proposals should be sent to arwgPSi@gmail.com no later than 1 April 2022.
Full submissions are due 15 May 2022.
Notification of ‘response conversation’ pairing will be distributed by 1 June 2022.

Annette Arlander / Bruce Barton / Joanna Householder
PSi Artistic Working Group Convenors

21 Jul 2021

Perform – Respond – Extend 2021

A summary of the contributions (presentations, responses and extensions, with links) included in the Artistic Research Working Group online-meetings as part of Psi Constellate 6-9 July 2021


Annette Arlander: Adding text on video when writing to trees? --- Boehme responds to Arlander --- Kolliopoulou extends Boehme’s response to Arlander


Glenn D’Cruz: Maxims --- Sehic responds to D'Cruz --- Eatough extends Sehic's response to D'Cruz


Bruce Barton: Dramaturgies of Uncertainty: Collaborative Creation with Zoom --- D'Cruz responds to Barton --- Inston extends D’Cruz’s response to Barton


Andrew Clete: “Lockdown” --- Devabahktuni and Sentler respond to Clete --- Householder/Price extend Devabahktuni/Sentler’s response to Clete


Sony Devabhaktuni / Susan Sentler: Collaborative workings --- Griniuk responds to Devabahktuni/Sentler --- Lefebvre extends Griniuk’s response to Devabahktuni/Sentler


Pablo Alvez Artinprocess: Modelling a methodology for a dialogic articulation between Experimental Performance Art and Philosophy --- Clete responds to alvez artinprocess --- Griniuk extends Clete’s response to Alvez


Graham Eatough and Andre Dekker: Floating Worlds: towards an archipelagic dramaturgy --- Barton responds to Eatough --- Sehic extends Barton’s response to Eatough


Marija Griniuk: Eco-violence and performance art in Lithuania. --- Householder and Price respond to Griniuk --- Alvez extends Householder/Price’s response to Griniuk


John Boehme: Allyship, Intersections & how to acknowledge privilege. --- Daniel responds to Boehme --- Man extends Daniel’s response to Boehme


Danae Theodoridou: Languages of the Unheard, The Practice of Democracy --- Arlander responds to Theodoridou --- Daniel extends Arlander’s response to Theodoridou


Johanna Householder /Judith Price: Careful, Reckless, Selflessness --- Lefebvre responds to Householder/Price --- Clete extends Lefebvre’s response to Householder/Price


Camille Inston: Betweenspace/s: Towards a Transmedial Practice of Digital Intimacy --- Eatough responds to Intson--- D'Cruz extends Eatough's response to Intson


Eleni Kolliopoulou: Choreographing encounters --- Man responds to Kolliopoulou --- Saner extends Man’s response to Kolliopoulou 


Hélène Lefebvre: Horizons --- Alvez responds to Lefebvre --- Devabahktuni/Sentler extend alvez’ response to Lefebvre


Caitlin Main: Contextualizing the Body: Dramaturgies of Safety in Trauma-Based Performance --- Saner responds to Main --- Arlander extends Saner’s response to Main


Michelle Man: Mercurial Lights in the Ring: practising choreo-luminosity in contemporary circus ---Main responds to Man ---Theodoridou extends Main's response to Man 


Goze Saner: Sharing is caring: solo performer pedagogy as artistic research --- Theodoridou responds to Saner --- Boehme extends Theodoridou’s response to Saner


Ivana Sehic: Embodying loss: art and mourning under the new biopolitical context --- Intson responds to Sehic --- Barton extends Intson's response to Sehic


Henry Daniel: Nomadic Movements --- Kolliopoulou responds to Daniel --- Main extends Kolliopoulou’s response to Daniel

5 Jul 2021

ARTISTIC RESEARCH WORKING GROUP: “Perform / Respond / Extend” 7-9 July 2021

Part of PSi 2021 Constellate Programming https://www.psi-web.org/constellate/

Observers welcome, register here: https://www.psi-web.org/constellate_arwg/

DAY 1: PERFORM 12:00 to 17:00 UTC

12:00 to 12:20 Welcome, Land Acknowledgements and opening remarks.

Co-convenors Annette Arlander, Bruce Barton, and Johanna Householder

12:20 Performances/Presentations of research materials

There are 22 presenters allotted 7 minutes each (with +1 minute for change over)

1. 12:20 Annette Arlander: Adding text on video when writing to trees?

2. 12:28 Glenn D’Cruz: Maxims

3. 12:36 Bruce Barton: Dramaturgies of Uncertainty: Collaborative Creation with Zoom

4. 12:44 Andrew Clete: “Lockdown”

5. 12:52 Sony Devabhaktuni / Susan Sentler: Collaborative workings

6. 13:00 Pablo Alvez Artinprocess: Modelling a methodology for a dialogic articulation between Experimental

Performance Art and Philosophy

7. 13:08 Graham Eatough and Andre Dekker: Floating Worlds: towards an archipelagic dramaturgy

8. 13:16 Marija Griniuk: Eco-violence and performance art in Lithuania.

9. 13:24 Jamie Harper: Authentic (Virtual) Spaces: Remote Intimacy, Prosthetic Agency, Colonial Empathy

10. 13:32 John Boehme: Allyship, Intersections & how to acknowledge privilege.

11. 13:40 Danae Theodoridou: Languages of the Unheard, The Practice of Democracy

14:00 – one hour break to 15:00

12. 15:00 Johanna Householder /Judith Price: Careless, Reckless, Selflessness

13. 15:08 Camille Inston: Betweenspace/s: Towards a Transmedial Practice of Digital Intimacy

14. 15:16 Eleni Kolliopoulou: Choreographing encounters

15. 15:24 Hélène Lefebvre: Horizons

16. 15:32 Caitlin Main: Contextualizing the Body: Dramaturgies of Safety in Trauma-Based Performance

17. 15:40 Michelle Man: Mercurial Lights in the Ring: practising choreo-luminosity in contemporary circus

18. 15:48 Katherine Mezur: Synchronized Devotion: Practicing Militarized Practices

19. 15:56 Jatun Risba: Be-coming ki-n

20. 15:04 Goze Saner: Sharing is caring: solo performer pedagogy as artistic research

21. 16:12 Ivana Sehic: Embodying loss: art and mourning under the new biopolitical context

22. 16:20 Henry Daniel: Nomadic Movements

16:28 to 17:00 Closing remarks and discussion: Overview of Day 2 and Day 3

12 May 2021

Call for proposals 2021


PSi Artistic Research Working Group: Summer Session 2021



Constellations of Engagement Through Artistic Research

Part of the PSi Constellate Program

7-9 July / On Zoom / Shifting Time Zones (to accommodate international participation)


  • Day 1: Perform. Each participant will offer an artistic research presentation/performance. The presentations can take a wide variety of forms, including performances, text, video, audio, images, scores, etc. In order to allow for the maximum number of participants, presentations will be no more than nine minutes in duration.
  • Day 2: Respond: Each participant will present a response to another participant’s abstract and presentation/performance from Day 1. The response can likewise take a variety of forms, and will be no more than eight minutes in duration.
  • Day 3: Extend: Each participant will presentan extension to another participant’s response from Day 2, further extending a specific idea, question or problem of interest to them. The extension should include a shareable object (such as a document, recording, etc.) that can be disseminated and archived online at the ARWG blog. Presentations will be no more than seven minutes in duration.


We propose a 5 hour session each day: two 2 hour sessions with a one hour break. In principal, the start time of each successive day will shift by six hours.

Day 1: 04:00 GMT

Day 2: 10:00 GMT

DAY 3: 16:00 GMT

Modest adjustments to this schedule may be made, based on the global locations of the participants. However, the basic model of accommodating broad international participation will be maintained.



Proposals should include a written description or abstract of 200-300 words that establishes the conceptual context of an original artistic research project or performance (at any stage of development). The abstract should be accompanied by online access to documentation for the project. This material may involve a wide range of formats (images, audio, video, text, etc.). It should be possible for another participant to experience (read, view, listen to, etc.) the submitted materials within a period of 60 minutes.

  • The 200-300 word abstracts and accompanying URL(s) for all selected proposals will be shared with the other participants approximately one week before Day 1. The abstracts will be distributed to all others in attendance on the day of the presentation.
  • At the beginning of Day 1, each participant will be assigned another participant’s presentation to respond to on Day 2.
  • On Day 2, each participant will be assigned another participant’s Day 2 response to extend on Day 3.
  • On Day 3, each participant will submit the shareable object included in their extension presentation.

Please send the abstracts, along with the URL(s) for the artistic research materials and a brief bio (max. 200 words), in an email with the subject title “ARWG 2021” to the convenors at the address given below. Please do not send the materials as documents or audio/visual files. If you don’t have access to online storage capacity (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), please contact us directly and we will try to advise/support you in this regard.

A total of 12 proposals will be selected for full participation in the Working Group session. Selection will be based on demonstrated levels of theoretical innovation, methodological reflection, and critical engagement of the artistic research project.

All proposals must be received no later than 15 May 2021. The selection of participants will be announced by 30 May 2021. All members of PSi are invited to attend the Working Group session and to contribute questions and reflections via the Zoom platform “Chat” function.


While we understand that unanticipated obligations may make it impossible for all individuals to attend all three sessions, the integrity of the Perform/Respond/Extend framework relies upon continuity of participation. We therefore ask that all individuals explicitly confirmtheir intention to participate in all three days with submission of their proposal.

All participants in the ARWG Summer Session must be current members of Performance Studies international. PSi membership rates remain both tiered and modest. In addition, due to the unique pandemic circumstances of 2020-21, PSi is offering a Pay-What-You-Can annual membership option for individuals who are unable to afford the fee that usually applies to them.

Full membership information can be found here: https://www.psi-web.org/membership/

ARTISTIC RESEARCH is meant as an elastic umbrella concept that includes a range of approaches that use art, creative practice or performance as a primary means and method of inquiry. These include the distinct approaches ‘performance as research’ (PAR), ‘practice as research’ (PaR), ‘practice-based research’ (PBR), ‘practice-led research, ‘creative arts research’, ‘research-creation’, ‘arts-based research’, and numerous other associated practices. In many cases, the subject of study is artistic practice itself, as in ‘artistic inquiry.’ In others, creative practice is used as a way of investigating non-artistic (or not exclusively artistic) subjects. Our aim is to invite a broad spectrum of these approaches, drawn from within and beyond academic and institutional contexts, to reflect the diverse and vital abundance of interrelated orientations, perspectives, and approaches to research in contemporary art.

We encourage submissions from all interested individuals, and are eager to engage with brand new members, as well as the rich ongoing community of ARWG members.


Annette Arlander / Bruce Barton / Johanna Householder
Convenors, Artistic Research Working Group
Email: arwgPSi@gmail.com


27 Jun 2020

Summer Meeting of PSi Artistic Research Working Group: July 7th, 2020

To past and present participants in the PSi Artistic Research Working Group.

As we announced back when we received word that the 2020 PSi conference had officially been postponed to next year, we would still like to bring the members of the ARWG together virtually this summer. We initially considered an online version of the “Perform/Respond/Extend” format originally intended for Rijeka; however, the ongoing demands of navigating the current social and political challenges most of us are facing at the moment have led us to a change of plans.

We propose that we hold a focused gathering on Zoom of the Artistic Research Working Group during the originally planned conference period. We are proposing Tuesday, July 7th, at the following time(s):

Melbourne, Australia: 12:00 am
Manila, Philippines: 5:00 am
California, USA: 7:00 am
Toronto, Canada: 10:00 am
London, UK: 3:00 pm
Stockholm, Sweden: 4:00 pm
Delhi, India: 7:00 pm
Beijing, China: 10:00 pm
Tokyo, Japan: 11:00 pm

This gathering will be open to everyone who was planning to attend PSi #26 this summer, as well as all past members of the Working Group for whom we have contact information.

No doubt that the restrictive conditions resulting from the current pandemic, as well as the potentially transformative cultural tensions associated with Black Lives Matter, will not be far from our minds. As such, we'd like to organize the gathering with a specific focus on the following questions:

1) "What Artistic Research are you currently working on/dreaming about at this moment?"
2) "What specific impacts are current social, cultural and political dynamics having on your Artistic Research motivations, interests, and practices?"

All participants will be asked to share for 3 - 5 minutes (maximum) on this topic. Speakers will have access to screen sharing, and short documents/images/video links can be shared in advance (through the convenors). The presentations can be entirely informal, but can also be more formally structured, providing they do not exceed the allotted time.

Note: depending on the strength of response to this invitation, we may also schedule a second session.


See the program of the meeting that took place here