11 Jul 2022


ARWG online meeting 5-6 July 2022 at PSI #27

summary of presentations and collaborative responses

DAY 1 (5 July): Individual Projects

Natalie Garret Brown (with Amy Voris) - Gelbezeit


Bruce Barton - Dramaturgies of Uncertainty: Collaborative creation with zoom 

John Boehme - MANIFESTO How to be a better ally

Beau Coleman - Birth of the Decay: A Performance for Dogs

Marija Griniuk - ”I understand the term hunger…”

Pablo alvez artinprocess - Where hunger bites – or the value of hunger 

Serap Erincin - Atrocity Boulevard

Annette Arlander - Pondering with Pines  

DAY 2 (6 July): Collaborative Responses

Kit & Annette respond to Natalie (with Amy) - ‘Plants meeting people’ – a dual perspective 
Kit & Annette respond to Michelle - ‘Glitchgesture’ – acrobatics in context

Serap & Maurice respond to John - Response to John 

Serap & Maurice respond to Hélène - Response to Hélène

Pablo responds to Beau - Response to Beau 

Pablo responds to Marija - Response to Marija

Beau & Marija respond to Serap - Silhouette Memories 

Beau & Marija respond to Maurice - Rethinking Stones

Jo & Bruce respond to Kit - Response to Kit 

Jo & Bruce respond to Annette - Collaborative response to Pondering with Pines

Michelle & Natalie respond to Pablo - Response to Pablo 

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